Mission Syracuse Internship

Developing young leaders as they assist with the mission of the local church.

Throughout the summer, each participant will have opportunities for spiritual, theological, and practical development. We have selected content for each of these areas to be delivered through multiple formats.

Outcomes for Development

  • Spiritual Formation: to develop a daily interactive relationship with God

  • Theological Formation: to possess and apply an essential body of knowledge for Christian living and a strategic understanding of the nature of the Church

  • Practical Ministry Formation: to identify and experience potential ministry domains and strategies for evangelization of a given geography 

Formats for Development

Our leaders will invest in participants through a variety of formats, including regular learning environments, mentoring groups, a personalized growth plan,and service opportunities. Throughout this process, participants will have the ability to shadow multiple leaders in order to experience various leadership styles, gifting, and strengths.


Participants will be assigned to serve together in particular neighborhoods and/or with people groups in the Syracuse area with the goal of assisting Missio Church in spreading the gospel. This component of their training will provide the participants with practical, hands-on experience, while also providing Missio with the additional leadership that is necessary to increase our evangelization efforts in targeted places.

Participants will be equipped and sent to reach into these communities through three important evangelistic strategies:

  • Prayer: to pray for families, businesses, schools, and organizations in the targeted communities

  • Presence: to engage the community in areas of need in a way that displays the love and grace of Jesus

  • Proclamation: to proclaim the gospel through the activities of the group and through personal missional activity


We are seeking young adults who are teachable and available to serve the Lord in Syracuse for the summer. The ideal candidates will demonstrate:

  • the qualifications of a deacon found in 1 Timothy 3

  • willingness to do the work of evangelism

  • the ability to work well on a team, live at peace under one roof with other participants, and submit to the leadership of Missio Church

  • commitment to the mission of the local church and the demands this internship can potentially place on personal, family, and everyday life


Missio Church will provide each participant with a place to live, including basic furniture, at no cost. Participants should have sufficient funds in place to cover all additional living expenses and financial commitments.


The internship will run from the beginning of June through mid-August.


Levi Pancake // levi@missiochurch.org // 315.299.4101