Unit 12 Session 1

Solomon Asked for Wisdom

Bible Passage:

1 Kings 2-3

Story Point:

God gave Solomon wisdom to lead His people.

Key Passage:

James 1:5

Big Picture Question:

What does God know? God knows everything about the past, present, and future.

Bible Story Summary:

  • Solomon became the king of Israel after David died.

  • God appeared to Solomon in a dream and said he would give him anything he asked for.

  • Solomon asked God for wisdom.

  • God gave Solomon wisdom to rule His people.

Family Discussion Starters:

  • What would you ask for if you could have anything you wanted?

  • Why was God happy with Solomon’s choice?

  • How can we get wisdom?

  • Who is the greatest and wisest king of all?

  • How can we tell if something is wise?

  • Why is wisdom important?

  • What is better than wisdom?

Family Activities:

  • Allow each family member to choose whatever they want for dinner one night. Talk about how Solomon chose wisdom.

  • Collect Bibles or money to purchase Bibles for a jail ministry. Pray for God to give the prisoners wisdom to make wise choices.

  • Present your kids with riddles to solve. Ask them to walk you through their thinking as they consider the riddles. Discuss the differences between being clever or smart and being wise. Help them see that Biblical wisdom comes from God and His word.

Nursery Resources:


  • Jesus is wise because He is God the Son.

Gospel gems to tell babies:

  • God knows everything.

  • King Solomon asked God to make him wise.

  • God gave Solomon wisdom to lead God’s people.

  • Wisdom is loving God and obeying His words.

Sing a Bible story song:

Sing to the tune of “B-I-N-G-O”:

“If you wanna know what’s right and wrong, just look in your Bible!

God knows everything, God know everything, God knows everything!

His Word will give you wisdom.”