Unit 12 Session 3

Solomon Built the Temple

Bible Passage:

1 Kings 6-8

Story Point:

God led His people to build a temple where He would dwell with them.

Key Passage:

James 1:5

Big Picture Question:

What does God know? God knows everything about the past, present, and future.

Bible Story Summary:

  • God kept His promise to David, and Solomon built a temple for God.

  • God led His people to build a temple where He would dwell with them.

  • The people worked hard and made the temple very beautiful.

  • God’s glory filled the temple.

  • The people worshiped God and gave offerings at the temple.

  • God promised to bless Solomon if Solomon obeyed Him.

Family Discussion Starters:

  • Why did building the temple take such a long time? Why did the builders build with such care?

  • How did God show He was with His people when the temple was complete? How do we know God is with us?

  • Why do we no longer need to go to a temple to worship God?

  • God’s promise to Solomon depended on his obedience. How is God’s promise to Christians different?

Family Activities:

  • Read 2 Samuel 7:12-16. Talk about how God kept His promise to David by letting Solomon build the temple and by later sending Jesus.

  • Work with your neighbors to build a fort to enjoy together.

  • Work with your kids to build a birdhouse or other structure. Talk about the way God dwelt with Israel and how He lives with us when we believe Jesus.


Christ Connection:

  • When we trust in Jesus, He is with us forever.


  • God knows everything.

  • Solomon built a temple for God.

  • Solomon told the people to love God with all their heart.

  • Because of Jesus, we can worship God everywhere.


Sing to the tune of “B-I-N-G-O”:

“If you wanna know what’s right and wrong, just look in your Bible!

God knows everything, God know everything, God knows everything!

His Word will give you wisdom.”